Connections Cast Ep3: Suman Hedge

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Welcome to Episode 3 of Connections Cast, the TDN AusNZ Podcast hosted by Angus Roland, also available on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

The just-completed season proved immensely satisfying for Hedge. Through his relationship with Sheriff Iskander and being involved through the majority of the stallion career of Written Tycoon, and reflects on the stallions long journey to becoming Champion Australian Stallion of 2020/21.

"I'm just incredibly satisfied, it has been a long journey and we have had to go through a lot of ups and downs with the horse and it’s been a big struggle, but it’s incredibly satisfying to see that he has now reached the pinnacle of breeding in Australia," he said.

Hedge is also renowned as a pinhooker, working on behalf of clients who invest in order to get returns. He talks through his approach and his constantly evolving methodology.

Suman Hedge

"I am trying to find a product that I would be looking to buy, with a trainer, as a yearling and that is all I'm trying to do. I'm not trying to find a horse that is raw, that might develop into a champion. That's for someone else," he said.

"I am trying to find a product that I would be looking to buy, with a trainer, as a yearling and that is all I'm trying to do." - Surman Hedge

Hedge came from outside the racing bubble, a son of Indian immigrants, who grew up in suburban Sydney, fascinated by sport and racing.

Hedge's love of thoroughbreds developed from an obsession with At Talaq (USA), sparked by the Shadwell stayer's victory in the 1986 Melbourne Cup.

"I picked this horse because it was the footy colours by beloved Canterbury Bankstown, he won, my mum was happy and it made me feel good," he said.

He also speaks of the meeting at a suburban McDonalds which sparked his career as a bloodstock agent, which led to him subsequently meeting Iskander and getting his first job with John O'Shea.

Driving Hedge all the way was an attitude, fostered in his relationship with Iskander, that they were up against the system.

"When you are not from the traditional horse racing background…. there is a certain disdain that you feel from people. You sense that. You have that bit of a chip on your shoulder because of that and I certainly felt that. It felt like us versus everyone else," he said.

That attitude was further honed working with O'Shea, someone he said had an amazingly competitive approach, driven by passion.

Written Tycoon | Standing at Yulong Stud

"As soon as I set foot on a sales complex, I have got a goal that I have got to achieve for myself and my clients. It’s like a war….a friendly war. I'm not here to do anything else…. I'm there to get the fastest horse and do that job for my clients."

Hedge also talks about the $19,000 broodmare that changed it all for him, a mare called Myrhh (Nassipour {USA}).

"If I knew what I know today, would have I have bought that mare? Probably not. She was small, she was 15-1 if that, and physically she is not the sort of mare I would have bought," he said.

She would prove to be the dam of Doncaster H., winner Triple Honour (NZ) (Honours List {Ire}), the first Group 1 winner, that Hedge had bred.

And then there is the Zoustar story… you'll have to listen to the podcast for that one,

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