It Takes A Team

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Welcome to TDNAusNZ’s ‘It Takes A Team’, brought to you in conjunction with Thoroughbred Industry Careers. Here we highlight and celebrate some of the heroes of our industry. The strappers, riders, stud-workers and people behind the scenes of our champions. The people who are up late into the night foaling or up at the crack of dawn to trackwork, working tirelessly to keep the industry running.

Today we go behind the scenes of the Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott stables to speak to their Sales & Communications Manager, who started her career from the grass roots of the operation. Claudia Miller began her career riding trackwork whilst attending university before progressing her career with the help of her mentor, Gai Waterhouse.

Claudia Miller - Sales & Communications

TDN: Can you tell us a bit about yourself, how did you get started in the industry?

Claudia: Cliché I know, but I’ve always had a passion for horses. When I was at University I wanted to combine my studies with the racing industry and Gai Waterhouse Racing was the obvious choice for me. The early mornings allowed me to do both simultaneously.

TDN: You started off riding track work, how did you make the transition into working into Sales?

Claudia: It was always a goal of mine to get into Sales, but I wanted to learn more about the horses hands on. I was patient and Gai being the mentor she is wanted me to go through the full process of the business from the ground up which really gave me the appreciation of the time and effort that goes into running a racing stable.

Claudia riding trackwork

TDN: What is your most memorable day on the race track?

Claudia: Vancouver’s Golden Slipper win.

TDN: How do you handle the responsibility of working for someone like Gai, and now of course, Adrian as well?

Claudia: I am lucky to be a part of a really good team. We all ‘bib and bob’ as Gai likes to say. Adrian has brought a new dynamic to the team and yes the responsibility is high but I have been working for the business for nine years and I know how it operates.

Gai Waterhouse with Claudia Miller at the Inglis Sales

TDN: Who’s your favourite horse you’ve ever worked with?

Claudia: Cafe Society. He was a very quirky horse and kept it interesting.

TDN: What’s the toughest aspect of working in Sales?

Claudia: Like any sales job, meeting targets and timelines. It can be quite challenging.

TDN: What’s your favourite part of working in Sales?

Claudia: Introducing first time owners into the industry and the satisfaction of putting owners into good horses.

TDN: Do you have any mentors you would say have really helped you along the way in your career?

Claudia: Definitely Gai. She is not only a mentor but has been a huge influence on my life and my career development.

Gai Waterhouse

TDN: Do you have any advice for anyone looking to take up a career in racing?

Claudia: Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom and get your hands dirty. It is a massive advantage learning about this industry from the ground up.

TDN: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Claudia: For those of you wanting to get started in the industry but don't know where to start, don’t hesitate to ask questions and get involved.