Op-Ed: Winx Farewell Tour

2 min read

So we woke up with an idea.

2019 will be the year of The Winx Farewell Tour. It is the world's last opportunity to see one of the greatest superstars in racing.

Imagine the crowds. Imagine the hype. Imagine the emotion and the media coverage.

So instead of spending all the money on rock bands, corporate tents, fashions of the field and champagne, how about racing administrators use this opportunity for one life changing moment?

And how about we align the great mare's farewell with a massive fundraising effort for the National Injured Jockeys Trust? The tragic injury of Tye Angland highlights the fact that without jockeys there would be no racing industry at all. We need to put together a trust fund that will be there forever to support jockeys either in recovery or jockeys who will never ride again.

So how about it, Racing Administrators? Can we drop the 'making the rich richer' race theme for just a few months, and do something really positive to support our own?

A few dollars from every admission fee? Pass around the hat? Get the corporates and the sponsors to put their money in. One big effort aligned with the retirement of a world superstar could change the lives of our injured jockeys forever.

Most of all, it would change so many of the negative perceptions about our sport. The rubbish about how we're all rich and we don't care about our own - horses and jockeys included.

We do care about our own, and we do look after them. This is our tribe and we will stand up and protect it.

Over to you Australia.

Sincere thanks,

Heather & David Pascoe

Pascoe's Oakey Veterinary Hospital & Plaintree Farms