A chat with Chittick

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Mark Chittick also took the time to have a chat with TDN AusNZ about other stud matters and the current breeding season.

Paul Vettise: How many broodmares in the Waikato Stud band and any notable additions?

Waikato Stud: 220 ‘we think.’ Other newcomers are Starvoia, Gold Fever and Gram.

Mark Chittick

PV: Who is involved in the matings?

WS: The whole team as everyone has had involvement with the families at all stages of their careers. Our team has incredible experience and their opinion is highly valued.

PV: How much do sales trends inform your decision making?

WS: Though we are aware of the sales market it doesn’t have a huge bearing for us. We are here to breed racehorses and when deciding our matings we are two years away from a yearling sale and a lot can change during that time!

PV: Who are some of the higher-profile mares booked to Sacred Falls?

WS: Do Ra Mi, Jacilo and Gold Fever.

PV: How are the books of Ocean Park and Tivaci looking?

WS: Both horses will serve great books. Tivaci foals are to die for and there’s great support for Ocean Park, especially from Australia.

PV: Rock ‘n’ Pop is doing a good job, how many will he be serving?

WS: He deserves more. He is going really well off the opportunities he has been given. We are big believers.

PV: Are any of your mares visiting outside stallions?

WS: We have various outside stallion shareholdings; Shamexpress, Per Incanto, Time Test and Almanzor. We are supporting Zacinto and have a couple of mares at Widden Stud.

PV: Where are some of your higher profile mares going this year?

WS: Savabeel. He’s the best around and in the twilight of his career so we want to make the most of having him with us.

PV: What numbers do you generally have in the racing team?

WS: We have around 70 in work between Courtza Park in New Zealand and Australia. We love having horses in work with those that give our horses every opportunity and the people we do business with. Hopefully we both succeed and have fun along the way!

Savabeel at Waikato Stud